Club Officers

Here are the names and contact info of the Maine3Railers  Club Officers:

President: Dana Sullivan

Richmond, Maine
(207) 737-2577 (home)
(207) 440-7815 (cell)
Email Dana.

Vice President: Richard Ridolfo

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
(603) 926-0976 (home)
(603) 490-3832 (cell)
(603) 929-1441 (work)
Email Richard.

Secretary: Ken Thorson

Topsham, Maine
(207) 729-3072 (home)
(207) 319-5606 (cell)
Email Ken.

Treasurer: Rick Hills

Saco, Maine (summers)
Amherst, New Hampshire
(603) 673-9262 (home, NH)
(207) 282-0161 (home, ME)
(603) 801-0421 (cell)
Email Rick.

At Large: Maurice Guevin

Windham, Maine
(207) 423-1931 (cell)
Email Maurice.

At Large: Doug Pollock

Topsham, Maine
(207) 729-3225 (home)
(207) 504-1712 (cell)
Email Doug.

Recent Past President: Peter V. Hanson

Chelsea, Maine
(207) 622-4256 (home)
(207) 514-3629 (cell)
Email Peter.

Click here and you will find our Maine 3 Railers Club Bylaws.

If you are a member in good standing, you may receive a copy of the Maine 3-Railers roster in Adobe Acrobat format by contacting Rick Hills showing above.